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Bandhan Bank TVC (Animation)

Bandhan Bank TVC (Animation)

  • Advertisements Animation
MLBB Esports (Turkey) advertisement

MLBB Esports (Turkey)

  • Advertisements Animation
MLBB Esports (Brazil) advertisement

MLBB Esports (Brazil)

  • Advertisements Animation
Birla Cement TVC

Birla Cement TVC

  • Advertisements Animation
Dr Dangs Lab animated brand film

Dr Dangs Lab

  • Animation Brand films

Knife Bran Oil

  • Animation

Lee Kwan Yew – “Did I Fail”

  • Animation
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Our Animation Process

1) Concept and Storyboarding

We develop initial concepts and storyboards while incorporating your insights to outline the animation’s narrative flow and key scenes.

2) Scriptwriting and Story Development

We craft a compelling script, shape character dialogues and build a structured narrative that aligns with your desired themes and audience appeal.

3) Character and Environment Design

Our design team creates unique characters and environments which are often inspired by your vision. This ensures that they align with the story’s setting and themes.

4) Voice Recording

Voice actors record their parts, with guidance from the creative team and feedback from stakeholders to ensure alignment with the characters’ personalities.

5) Animation

The animation team brings the project to life, using feedback from periodic reviews with the client to refine movements and expressions.

6) Editing and Post-Production

We integrate animation, sound, music, special effects and make adjustments according to your feedback.

Types of Animation Videos We Do in Mumbai

2D Animation

Traditional and versatile visuals that use either hand-drawn or digital methods. Perfect for storytelling in cartoons, educational content, and advertisements.

3D Animation

Realistic and immersive three-dimensional graphics that can create lifelike characters and environments. Widely used in movies, video games, and VR.

Animation With Live-Action

Combines the authenticity of live-action with the creativity of animation to create visually stunning and surreal sequences. Often used in movies and commercials.

Motion Graphics

Captivating, kinetic displays of graphics that are crafted for visual storytelling. Great for explainer videos, promotional content and digital ads.

Whiteboard Animation

Simplistic and engaging animation style that mimics hand-drawn illustrations on a whiteboard. Ideal for explainer and training videos.

Stop Motion

Frame-by-frame animation that uses tangible models or figures to provide a unique and charming visual appeal. Sometimes used in movies, music videos, and quirky ads.


Depending on the complexity and scope of the animated video project, it can range from a week to a few months. A more exact timeline can be given upon receiving more information about the project.

Animated video costs can vary depending on the scale of the project and the requirements of the client. The best answer to this question is to request for a quote from the video production company that you’re interested in to get a more accurate cost estimate. If you’re interested in requesting a quote from Big 3 Productions, you can reach out to us at our contact page.

The minimal lead time can be as short as 48 hours, depending on the availability of our personnel and studio resources. We recommend booking our services in advance to ensure the best possible slots for your project.

As there are many steps when it comes to the animation video process, it is best to contact us directly for this information as topics like refunds and partial payments can differ based on the situation.

We specialize in producing videos such as 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, whiteboard animation and stop motion. We also provide film production, corporate video production, live streaming, interactive media and graphic design services.

What truly distinguishes Big 3 Productions is our unwavering dedication to storytelling and client satisfaction. We don’t just produce videos; we bring stories to life. Our combination of technical prowess and creative passion ensures every animation project we undertake is not just completed, but produced to leave a lasting impact.

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